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Business Rule Framework (BRF) and CRM

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I am in the process of understanding how I can use Business Rule Framework (BRF). I have been looking at the information and guides, but would appreciate some input from someone with hands-on experience. What I am hoping to put together is a step-by-step guide on how to define a complete BRF "process";

- defining standard events

- how to create custom events

- "link" the events to the rule to be executed

- how to trigger events

- how to define expressions and actions

- etc..

Basically a beginners guide to BRF. If this is not feasible, I'll be more that happy with some hints and tips from someone who knows BRF.

Any help is highly appreciated!

Best Regards,



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I Have Implemented the BRF in CRM4.0, pls donot hesitate to ask if you need any help from me.

Mr Mrutyunjaya

Donot try to misguide people this is a forum to help each other.



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Hi Madhu,

I have a basic doubt on BRF ....

1 - Is it specifically for CRM systems?

2 - Is it using as a replacement of workflows on CRM systems?



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Hi Dev,

1. yes BRF is CRM specific.

2. I dont think BRF is to replace the workflow.

BRF is a framework used to customize the events and actions (in simple, to set up the conditions).

Events are similar to the object oriented events which triggers certain process. For each event there can be an action attached which performs some activity when event is triggered.