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Breakpoint messages (A03, A14) unwanted on system log

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is there a way to switch off the entry in the system log if we execute a pgm which contains breakpoints ?

We have several programmers and they use breakpoints to check in debug mode what the pgm does in specific routines; when we execute the pgm (not in debug) the log will be full of messages with ID A03 and A14 related to the breakpoints.

Clearly they forget to delete all the breakpoints written in the code, so this is a problem, but anyway could we, at the moment of run, somehow deactivating the breakpoint's messages in the log ?

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If you search for your problem, this has been discussed before:

And the only solution always was, to find the coding with the BREAK-POINT statement and delete or comment it, because based on the SAP documentation on Checkgroups:

  • The "BREAK-POINT." statement always results in an active breakpoint, meaning that the programm will go into debug mode if possible.
  • During background processing the program execution is not interrupted. If the program reaches a breakpoint, the entry "Breakpoint reached" is written to the system protocol under which the program name and the location of the breakpoint in the program are recorded.
  • In HTTP sessions like the BSP applications and Web Dynpros the system only stops at an active breakpoint in the Code and then goes to the ABAP Debugger only if external debugging is switched on for the particular. If the external debugging is not switched on then the breakpoint behave the same as it would have been behaving in the background mode.
  • You can only switch between active/inactive breakpoints, if you use the statement "BREAK-POINT ID xxx.", whereas xxx is the name of the Checkpoint Group which is maintained with Trx. SAAB where you can actually activate and deactivate the break-points referenced by the checkpoint group id.

I have not come across any information so far, that would allow you to temporarly deactivate the system log entries "Breakpoint reached".

So if you find those log entries in SM21 system log, you should definitly instruct your developers to get rid of the "BREAK-POINT." statements, those should not be transported into the productive environment.
If your devs do have a need for this break-point technique, they instead need to use it with a custom checkpoint-group where the breakpoints are generally deactivated, and only activated if this debugging technique needs to take place, hopefully just in dev and test environments.

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massimobarberio, were you able to find a solution to your problem, or do you still have the same or even new issues?

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Did you activate some ATC / Code Inspector check before transport release or import in production, the BREAK-POINT statements would raise a message?