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box in layouts

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i the first page

i wrote:


box 30 tw somting like that an i get box.

in the <b>next page</b> i wrote exactly and i dont get page why?


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Hi Rani,

First check you have specified the Next page of First Page is Next page or not . If you don't give that it won't trigger .



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1st see for 2and page you given NEXT page or not.

In the next page the windows must be same as in the 1st page.

If you have the same windows in both the pages no need to code here and there. If you code in 1st page window it will automatically reflect in 2and page window.

First got to PAGES.

There you click on the NEXT page or 2and PAGE what ever you created.

here you need to get the main/footer/address windows also.


One pop up will come the you double click on the desire window.

If you do like this you will get same windows in both the pages.

If you do changes in 1st page window it will automatically reflect in 2and page window also.


Remove that window from NEXT page and again copy from the WINDOWS.

Try like this.



If this helps u reward with points.

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i'm addind box in the next page and i see it only in the first but not in the next?????

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if u r running a report, then u need to put ur box command within a text element. then u need to call this text element for every page..or else put it within a loop itself where u r writing data so that box command always gets executed for every page..

Hope it helps,



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Hi Rani,

I think some other window is overlapping this box window in next page. Please check coordinate of windows.



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in the next page i get data but without box

so the print p is working.

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every change that i'm doing i get it in the first page and nothing is happen in the next page

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this is my data:

"position xorigion '-0.5' ch yorigin '+0' ln"

"box frame 30 tw"

this is main window

upper m--7.00 ch

22.00 ln

72.00 ch

25.3 ln