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BOPF usable for Customizing Tables

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Hello folks,

I have to build some Customizing Tables. I'm right, if I guess, that BOPF is not really useful for this? I need SM30 Views. Or have you some experience for this?

Kind regards

Bastian Stritt


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Hi Bastian,

you are right, BOPF is not build to access (read and write) customizing tables. BOPF is build to work with transactional data, so only tables containing transactional data or master data should be accessed with BOPF. For customizing tables SM30 views are still the right tool.

Cheers Martin

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Hi Bastian, hi Martin,

in the meantime we have a solution for that. Could you please check if class /BOBF/CL_CONF_BCO_MANAGER is available in your development system?

Best regards


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Hi Tilmann,

is there any documentation available on how to use this class? Do I have to create a special node type for customizing tables?



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Do you still use SAP GUI? Or do you use already a newer UI technology?

As far as I know, you should not use the maintenance view approach (via SM30) for the newer UI technology. Instead you should use a guided application (First Step -> Next Step -> ... -> Last Step) to make configruations. Considering this I ask myself: Why shouldn't I use BOPF for this case?

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Hi Armin,

my point has nothing to do with UI you are using for table maintenance. Let's call the mentioned SM30 views approach just classical customizing tables e.g. for value tables for domains. Till now it was not possible to use BOPF for that tables. The reason is that BOPF uses GUIDS as a technical key in the tables. But it sounds as Tilmann has a solution for that.

Cheers Martin