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BL207 error - Log record not found in FM BAL_LOG_HDR_CHANGE

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Hi Experts,

Can you help me understand why FM BAL_LOG_HDR_CHANGE is not working for me. I'm populating the import parameter I_LOG_HANDLE with a log handle (guid) a saved in BALHDR and i'm populating the import parameter I_S_LOG with basis header data like OBJECT; ALTCODE and ALPROG. However, I get a log not found message. Is there a step that i'm missing? When i run debug, it appears the program is trying to access the log from memory and hitting this code which errors each time:


  • access the memory where all data are stored




  • find log


READ TABLE <g>-t_ldat ASSIGNING <l_s_ldat>

WITH KEY log_handle = i_log_handle.

IF sy-subrc NE 0.

MESSAGE e207(bl) RAISING log_not_found.


Any help on this matter wil be very helpful.




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Are you trying to execute this FM by populating value manually ?? Have you checked you have any log value present for the Object or Subobject ?

Yes this will go and check the error/warnings/success happend in transaction level and from memory.

If possible ,kindly check the FM from any application log t code where you have data.

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Yes, I used se37 to populate my parameter values manually to create a log with no problems. However, when i used the same approach to change a couple of fields on Log Header created, i get the "Log record not found" problem. Let me know, what i'm doing wrong.... I confirmed that a log was created in table BALHDR and i can display the same via tcode SGL1.

Thanks again, Jamie

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Here's some additional information:

I'm running on SAP ECC 6.0 release 702 level 0007. Can anyone create a simple log on their SAP system then take the generated log handle (guid) and try to change their log header via BAL_LOG_HDR_CHANGE? The log handle can also be obtained fron BALHDR table. After further testing via SE37, I discovered that i'm getting the exact same error message while trying to do a simple read using FM "BAL_LOG_HDR_READ". This FM has only two parameters.... 1). Log handle and 2). language.

I also ran the BAL_LOG_HDR_CHANGE FM in a simple program to auto populate the parameters and got the same error message. Thinking this may help, I also made sure the following includes was in my program:

1. sbal_boolean,

2. sbal_constants,

3. sbaltype,

4. sbal_access,

5. sbalmacr.

Any help would be appreciated,


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Yes you are correct, FM BAL_LOG_HDR_READ is not returning any value if searched with log handle GUID .. I have tried using BAL_DB_SEARCH, where in LOG filter, input value LOGNUMBER ( dont put GUID, use LOGNUMBER ) then correct o/p has came. Now for changing the log I have to check.