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Billing to accounting document user exit

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HI All,

I want to restrict accounting document from being created depending upon some condition.

Please let me know user exit where i can place the code




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Good Day,

Please find the userexit.

The fallowing User Exits are available for transfer to accounting

The following user exits are available in report SAPLV60B for transfer to accounting (function group V60B):

EXIT_SAPLV60B_001: Change the header data in the structure acchd

You can use this exit to influence the header information of the accounting document. For example, you can change the business transaction, "created on" date and time, the name of the person who created it or the transaction with which the document was created.

EXIT_SAPLV60B_002: Change the customer line ACCIT

You can use this exit to change the customer line in the accounting document. This exit is processed once the ACCIT structure is filled in with data from document header VBRK.

EXIT_SAPLV60B_003: Change the customer line in costing

The customer line is filled in differently for costing. You can use exit 003 to influence the ACCIT structure.

EXIT_SAPLV60B_004: Change a GL account item ACCIT You can add information to a GL account item (such as quantity specifications) with this exit.

EXIT_SAPLV60B_005: User exit for accruals

Once all relevant data for accruals was entered in the GL account item, you can add to this data with this exit.

EXIT_SAPLV60B_006: Change the control line ACCIT

You can use exit 006 to add information to the control line.

EXIT_SAPLV60B_007: Change the installment plan

You can use exit 007 to add information to the installment plan

parameters in the GL account item.

EXIT_SAPLV60B_008: Change the transfer structure ACCCR, ACCIT and ACCHD

After the accounting document is filled in with data, you can use exit 008 to change the document once again.

EXIT_SAPLV60B_010: Item table for customer lines

You can use exit 10 to influence the contents of customer lines before they are created.

EXIT_SAPLV60B_0011: Change the parameter for cash account determination or reconciliation account determination

Best Regards,


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Hi suresh,

     Among this user exit, Which one suits to split the single customer line item into multiple line items , one for each business area. Can you please tell me How and Where to check this User exit???

Thanks in advance

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HI ,

You can check MV45AFZZ this program . In this program you will gate some userexits. Check there before saving or accounting document being created you can add your own code.

"USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT_PREPARE" check this User Exit in MV45AFZZ program.

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User Exits For Billing


The internal number range used in the standard system is specified in the billing type table and can be changed in this user exit. This user exit is only called when the billing documents is created.


In this user exit additional fields for account determination that are not provided in the standard system are copied into communication structure KOMKCV (header fields).


In this user exit additional fields for account determination that are not provided in the standard system are copied into communication structure KOMPCV (item fields).