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Best way to enhance Z table maintenance view

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Opinions please - what is the best way to enhance a generated Z table maintenance view?

1) Just add code where necessary and don't worry about another developer re-generating the screens and messing everything up

2) Could a BAdI be easily integrated in to a maintenance (PAI) screen? How?...and would it be a "proper" solution?

I've created a custom BAdI to be used in a custom upload program, but never used BAdIs in screen logic before.

3) Discard the generated screens and create my own

4) Other obvious solution I'm missing

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Brian,

What kind of enhancement are you planning to do? I think that will allow others to give you options. Your 1,2 & 3 options all depend on maintenance screens already generated and all of them inherently have the same problem that someone might change them, as you correctly identified.

Please let us know what is your requirement.


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Hopefully, my only requirement will be some simple input validation when a user attempts to create or change a line in the table.


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You can add coding to the dialog via menu "Environment/Modification/Zeitpunkte" (obviously SAP forgot a translation here). Each "Zeitpunkt" is an event during processing of the maintenance-dialog. You can define a FORM, which is called when the event occurs. The events are documented in

In my experience these are not sufficient, so I often use your solution 1). I recommend to hold all added codings in separated INCLUDES and FORMS. So you can rebind them easily, when someone regenarates the maintenance-dialog.