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Best practice for creating su01 user

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Good Morning,

We have a question about how to handle a third-party user creation process in our company. Currently the third party login is: jramalho.terceiro (in place of the third reads company), but in SAP the maximum limit in SU01 are 12 characters, including this is the best practice suggested by SAP. How do we handle cases where the login in our active directory exceeds 12 characters? There is a way to create the login keeping the 12 characters. What is the best practice?


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Hi Jessica - I searched, and I think Frank's blog covers it:

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Hi Thammy, thanks for the article. I found it great and I will use it for other activities internally. But it's not what I'm looking for yet. We have now structured the logins rule. All users in SAP are created according to the login in the active diretory. But, my doubt is for the cases of users in the active diretory that have the login more than 12 characters. For users who are third parties, they have the login with the company name and in many cases we can not create with a number less than 12 characters. Can we increase the SAP range? What is the best practice?Thanks

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can you for example convert jramalho.terceiro style user names into 12-character userids where the least significant character is replaced with the next available digit?


jramalho.terceiro > terceirojra1