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bdc upload problem in quality server?

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   my program is correctly running ME31k, ME32K and ME33k.

See below issue in Quality : I have uploaded contract in quality server but I am observing following issues in upload program.

1. If upload file is having plant init then plant doesn’t get updated

2. Net price not get updating at line item level but get updated at condition level.

3. I was trying to use material masters provided by PAM but not getting success with remaining 3 materials but worked with 1st material and program doesn’t give correct error message so we can’t analyses why with all materials contract doesn’t upload.

so just give me an idea how solve this issue...........

thanks in advance


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There should not any issue in quality server, if it is correctly running in development server

Check the authorization for user, which you are trying to run the BDC program

or there might be configuration inconsistency between the development and quality server.

and also check with the material masters.



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Please run your bdc in foregroynd mode to better understand the root cause