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BDC to copy infotype 0000

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Hi All,

I have a requirement where I have to copy infotype 0000 and change BEGDA and PERSK values. Manually, I go to infotype 0000 in PA30, select the current record and then hit the copy button, change the BEGDA and PERSK values and hit save(current record gets delimited and a new record is created) . Once the record is saved, the screen control automatically goes to infotype 0001 which reflects the updated PERSK value. After this is saved, the process ends.

Now I duplicated the above steps using SHDB and transaction PA30. So far so good, but when I process the recording, I hit an error message saying "No batch input data for screen MP000100 2010". I dont understand why this message comes up even though all the mandatory fields on infotype 0001 are populated.

I also processed the recording in 'Display error screen' mode. The control stops at MP000100 2010 which is infotype 1 screen. But then when I hit the save button, processing is successful and new records are created.

Can someone please provide inputs on how to get this going? I checked the ok code(=UPD) and it is present for infotype 0001 screen.

All your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you!



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This may happen if the values for that screen are not captured properly during recording.

Try to repeat the recording and check.

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Hi Gautham,

I tried recording several times but the problem still persists. I'd appreciate any other suggestions you might have.



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this is common in HR BDC ..

the standard screen for infotypes is 2000

now whenever u encounter a screen number other than 2000 it represents country specific screen allotted . now if u cleary look at ur bdc the recording is done for screen 2000 .. unless u do it changing hte user group and user profile..

so for ITXXXX i can have a custom screen which is populated for a particular country employee and this is possible .

So in ur bdc there should be a logic to pick the appropriate screen number to fill the details...

so ur bdc structure should be

perform pick screen no based on personnel area and combination..

pick the country based on werks and persg.

validate from t500p and pick the feature pme04.

use fm hr_pa_get_infotype_dynnr to get the screen no allotted to that country .

perform bdc mp9xxxxx lv_dynnr.

also keep in mind if u r trying to alter some display fields in ur bdc where in u can get this error message .