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bdc short dump

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what do you do when you encounter short dump during execution report or bdc


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Do the dump analysis in the transaction ST22



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When a raised exception is not handled, or any unforeseen thing happens, then a dump occurs.

A dump is a error that occurs at runtime.

Eg: Division by 0.

Type mismatch between the passed parameter and the type of the parameter as declared in the function module.



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After getting a dump, first read the dump analysis. It ll tell you what exactly the problem is.

Then move ahead to find the "Source code extract" which shows you at which line of your code the problem occurs.

Click the icon left to Deburgger button to get the list of options available.

1 What happened?

2 What can you do?

<b>3 Error analysis</b>

<b> 4 How to correct the error</b>

5 System environment

6 User, transaction...

7 Information on where terminated

<b>8 Source code extract</b>

9 Contents of system fields

10 Active calls / events

11 Chosen variables

12 Application Calls

13 Application Information

14 Internal notes

15 Active calls in SAP kernel

16 List of ABAP programs affected

17 List of internal tables

18 Directory of Application Tables

19 Directory of Application Tables (Administrative Information)

20 ABAP control blocks CONT

21 End of runtime analysis

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