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BDC Program

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Hi friends,

I am tyring to do a BDC program with the transaction created for dialog program.

If thats the case , woudl the bdc program be sucessfull?

I am asking this because, when i tried usign my dialog program transaction which created Zpkemp, i am not gettign the accurate recording, meaning after givng the inputs durign recording, the recorde screen is diplayed where the table names and everythign is mentioned, but here i dont find any table names and fields.

Please help me to solve this problem.




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You can record a BDC session for a Z program. Do you see anything (program name, screen, input values) in the recording?


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Hi Rob,

Yes I do See th recorded values,but only if I go for the Back button, i am able to watch it.

I dont know how to move on for further progress.

Thanks & Regards

Tina Wilson

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SAVE the recording & hit the 'program' button to generate the ABAP program.You can also test the recording by hitting the 'Process' button.


Suresh Datti

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Hi Tina,

To create a BDC program using SHDB, the inputs and the flow has to be correct for the SHDB to be done properly. Flow will be taken part by the SAP as that of the transaction. Regarding the inputs, you have enter correct inputs while recording. As soon as the recording is over, it will lead you to the SHDB screen where you will see all the Dynpro's and screen numbers with the values you have entered to the corresponding screen field automatically. You have to save the SHDB first and go back. Then you have to select the SHDB and copy the flow to the program by pressing the Program button on the Application toolbar and modify the program according to the inputs you wish to give and the validations required for the transaction to run smoothly for the input you pass in the program.

Hope this will help you.