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BDC doubt.......

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I have to write a BDC which will update vendor master data for transaction FK01.

User enters in FK01 and enetsres data in NAM1 and STREET field everyday. In the evening we need to write a BDC which will copy NAME1 to NAME3 and

STREET to STREET4. These BDC will run in a scheduled manner.

How can we proceed with this ? What is the role of program RFBIKR00 in this and whats the meaning of PERFORM INIT_BGR00(RFBIKRI0) USING BGR00.

Please guide.


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You can do the BDC Recording using the transaction SHDB and generate a program using the normal BDC programming.You can also acheive this using the LSMW. Create your source structures and map those to the corrsponding structures of the standard batch Input program RFBIKR00.Follow the steps as defined in LSMW.


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I am using LSMW for FK02 transaction. But I don't get as what you mean by using RFBIKR00 in LSMW ?



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In the Object attributes you have the option for Standard Batch/Direct Input. There you can give the Object : 0040 and Method : 0001 to select the RFBIKR00 Batch Input program.