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batch session

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hi experts,

My program is Batch session and the batch session is for posting fi documents(FB01). and iam doing by using rfbibl00 program. Actually there r 3 types of currencies while updation and one of them is company code currency(dmbe2). My requirement is i should not pass the value for company code currency dmbe2 when the currency key is equal to USD.

what they said is check in table T001 for example if the company code(BUKRS) = 1001 then check for company code currency(dmbe2) if it is equal to USD then dont pass the value dmbe2 to session.

please help me with the code.

Thanks and regards,



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check with this logic

select single * into work area from t001

where company code eq '1001'.

if sy-subrc eq 0 and

workarea-WAERS eq 'USD'.

dmeb2 = ' '.


demb2 = 'pass the value'.

end if.

If you are doing this in side the loop, then instead of taking "select single *", write the select statement outside the loop for t001 and take values into internal table. Then inside the loop user Read statement in the place of "select single *"

Reward if it dose.


Siva kumar