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Barcodes in Scripts

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Hi all,

what is the difference between these two lines of code while printing barcodes in sap using print-control



what is the meaning of each parameter used in these 2 lines.


what does it mean 0s24670T


what does it mean s1p40v10

what does it mean 30b10

what does it mean 30s24670T

Thanks & Regards,


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Hi Bujji,

These are printer specific statements that are interpreted by the printer.. These commands specify special controls for printer for devices not supported by SAPScript drivers.

These statements make use of PRINT-CONTROL in SAPScript.

The PRINT-CONTROL command in SAPscript was implemented so that it is possible to include printer-specific commands in SAPscript texts and forms.

These commands are used to call special functions on the printer or output device that are not supported by the existing SAPscript

printer drivers.

PRINT-CONTROL enables you to modify the print data stream created by the SAPscript printer drivers within certain limits or to send additional commands.

This is a duplicate post...

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Hi Wenceslaus,

Thank u for your quick reply.Yes you are correct this is duplicate post.Can you please expalin each attribute used in these two lines

(means s1p




30s24670T )

what is the meaning of these attributes exactly?And i observed one more thing that is, these two statements are started with open brackets '(',why these statements are not ended with ')'.What i am thinking is whenever another new print-control statement appears then this line is automatically closed.Is my assumption is correct or not?Please Clarify my doubts?

Thanks & Regards,


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Hi Bujji,

I'm also new to PRINT-CONTROL.


&XDIM& &YDIM& &MODHEIGHT& - Variables specifying dimnesions

0s24670T - Control Character Sequence: which is used to switch on and off a barcode sequence which is printer specific.

The PRINTER CONTROL is a combination of the following:

Escape Code

Opening (left) parenthesis character

Font ID 200

An upper case X to mark the end of the command (hex 58)

See <a href=" SupportManual/bpl13210/bpl13210.pdf">PCL Reference Manual</a> for more reference.

Hope this answers your question.

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