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Barcode reader in ABAP.

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Hai guys,

Could some body give me idea about how to develop barcode reader module in abap.

suggestions will be appreciated.

what are the topics should i have to cover before developing this module as project.

pls guide me.


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Hi AmbiChan,

I have see barcode reader set in SAP, the tool have a Visual Basic code that call a SAP RFC function.

Maybe first is to know what your reader could do.



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There is no need to go outside of ABAP for this functionality. SAP delivers a tool called SAPConsole that allows you to run ABAP Dynpro screen in Character based Telnet or simplified HTML for Pocket PC type devices.

SAP also delivers many (50+) transactions designed for SAPConsole in WM and Logisitics. There are also instructions on-line in the Service Marketplace on how to create your own transactions. It is still ABAP coding, but there are some special function modules and configuration tables to use if you want to take advantage of the special SAPConsole Device Independence.

I suggest a search on the Service Marketplace for SAPConsle. There used to be 10 or 12 really good detailed documents on the subject.

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A BAR Code reader is just another peripheric that can be used as a keyboard.

I don't think something special as to be done. If you create an input field in a screen place the cursor on it and then use the code bar reader the 'code' 1222334555 should appear in it.

This is my idea.

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That may be true if you just want to scan a barcode into a SAPGui screen.

However full blown mobile processes are often more complex. Warehouses and stockrooms often run off of mobile computing devices such as the following:

These devices have small display areas. Some of the older ones even only run Character based screens. Nearly all of these devices will not run the SAPGui natively (because they are telent or PocketPC based). The SAPConsole tool extends ABAP to be able to work passed all of these requirements.

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To me, the question seems like 'how to use a barcode reader using ABAP', to which the likely answer is 'use it like any other input device eg keyboard'.

The hardware vendor would provide the drivers to make it work on the device.

What SAP provides as apps for mobile devices, have nothing special, other than the fact that they follow certain restrictions (smaller screen size, no controls all text only, and one continuous sequence of screens). There is nothing really that is barcode specific.

My view only,


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That is not actually true. SAP's Mobile Data entry applications do have special functionality for complex barcodes (2D barcodes with multiple data objects within one barcode).

These types of object require special processing to devide up the individual elements and put them in the correct input fields. Have a check in the IMG for these customizing settings: Logistics Execution->Mobile Data Entry->Bar Code

Assign Bar Code Types to Warehouse Numbers


Maintain Bar Code Specifications