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Bapi_Salesorder_Createfromdat1 vs Bapi_Salesorder_Createfromdat2

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I have a general question regarding differences between Bapi_Salesorder_Createfromdat2 and Bapi_Salesorder_Createfromdat1.

In the old version (which is not officially supported by SAP anymore!) Bapi_Salesorder_Createfromdat1 many BAPI data structures are returned as export parameters - e.g. detailed pricing/condition information in ORDER_CONDITION_EX or availability information in ORDER_SCHEDULE_EX.

In the new version Bapi_Salesorder_Createfromdat2 none of these informations are returned anymore: How do you query this sales order data in the new BAPI implementation ? I tried using Bapi_Salesorder_Getstatus after sales order creation but this BAPI only returns aggregated information (e.g. no detailed princing/condition values).

I guess there is an easy solution to this since SAP would remove functionality in newer BAPIs, would they ?!

Thanks for any hints,

Andreas Koschinsky


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Hello Andreas,

I use BAPI_SALESORDER_SIMULATE in paralles to the Salesorder creation.



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Hi Gregor,

sorry for the last reply - but I didn't monitor this thread after 5 days anymore

I know what you mean and BAPI_SALESORDER_SIMULATE does give you the required information. Problem is that there is a time lack between executing the Simulate function and (afterwards) executing the Createfromdat2 function. Especially availability information might just change between these two calls.

So at least in theory this approach is a little bit awkward. I just wonder why SAP actually reduced functionality introducing a new release ?! I can only explain this to me that I'm missing an important point here...