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BAPI - refresh problem

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I have created a module poool program which displays list of sales orders.User can select any of the Sales Order & click on a button 'PO Create'.This triggers " BAPI_PO_CREATE1" and creates PO for sales order based on Purchase Requisition number provided.

There is no problem when i am creating PO for one sales order ,now be on the same screen (screen where list of sales orders are displayed) select one more Sales Order after PO gets created for first sales order again click on "PO create" button.Now PO gets created for second sales order but the Pricing Conditions in the Sales Order will get cleared.And in VA02 or VA03 there will not be any pricing conditinons.

But if i completely come out of the screen,again execute transaction Po gets created with out any problem.

Please suggest how & where the problem lies?

Do we need to refresh ABAP or SAP memory?How to do this?

Thank you


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Can you copy paste your code in the thread. It is impossible to predict what is happening in this case without code.


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hai ,

when u r coming out of the screen and executing it is workign fine

but when u r doing fom the same screen it is not working ,

so u create a clear button when u select it it clear all the fields so that the old data is refreshed instead of going out of the screen and coming back


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Thank You.

But I think there is no problem with clear & reresh of internal tables because after creating PO I am clearing inetrnal tables.

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after BAPI_PO_CREATE,,,use FM



WAIT = 'X'.'

or commit work.

wait upto 5sec.