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BAPI_INSPOPER_GETDETAIL issues with inspection points and characteristics

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Hi Everyone,

Here is the basics of what I am facing. Here is my QASV table:

As you can see, I have two samples for my inspection lot. The 8000 series characteristics are values entered in by adding a characteristic in QE51N like so:

Therefore, we only have characteristic 8000 for the first sample, sample 1. As we can see in the debug:

There is a clause where is is reading into L_QASVTAB and if the inspection point isn't there (which in the instance of characteristic 8000, there is no entry for sample 000002 in QASV, it is appending an entry to L_QASVTAB for that sample 000002.

Does anyone know why the BAPI is doing this? It is messing me up down the line when I am trying to work with the inspection results but am getting incorrect readings in the SAMPLE_RESULTS table due to it adding in records that do not exits.

Also, the BAPI is running within BAPI_INSPOPER_GETDETAIL in a program.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am trying to find out the reasoning behind this logic.



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Hi Joseph,

If I am understanding you point correctly, try to run BAPI without READ_INSPPOINTS parameter. I was having the similar issue and found that BAPI was reading sample results for all inspection points if this parameter is set true even though there are no sample(s) attached to inspection point 2 of operation 10.

Let me know if it helps.

Thanks, Sid