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BAPI enhancement.

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Hi all,

I am using BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST in my development. This Bapi needs to enchanced to include XREF1_HD field from BKPF table. And later few parameters needs to passed to be it.

Can someone tell me the steps which needs to be followed to enchance the above mentioned BAPI .




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First try to check whether is that an

1. Implicit Enhancement

2. Explicit enhancement

We can create/change the enhancement implementation at the enhancement points provided in the bapi.

Simple procedure.

1.Goto se37, mention your bapi name.

2. click on spiral (enhance source code) Shift+f4.

3. in the menu bar, Edit-enhancement operations->show implicit enhancement.

Then you can place your code in the desired enhancements located in the code with yellow color.

Check this link for more information:

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for your requirement you have to use Implicit Enhanement and append the extra field which you want using Append structure.

Try the below steps in this BAPI for impliment the implicit enhancement.

1. In SE37 give your BAPI name. and click 'Enhance[SHIFT+F4].

2. go to the menu Edit->Enhancement Operation->Show Implicit Enhancement

3. it will show the implicit enhancemnt spots. and place the cursor at the end of the FM.

4. Edit->Enhancement Operation->Create.

5. Give the implicit enhancement and write the code and activate the enhancement.


Boobalan S.

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