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BAPI_CUSTOMERCONTRACT_CHANGE - Updating Line Item Billing Plan

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Hi all,

We're using the BAPI_CUSTOMERCONTRACT_CHANGE to update Contracts, which is nothing but updating fields in VA42.

However for some reason it's not updating the Billing Plan date in the line items.

Version: SAP 4.7 R/3 Enterprise.

All OSS notes are up to date.

How to pass data for billing plan in the BAPI.

Any feedback regarding this matter is highly appreciated.



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I hope you are using the BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT after using your BAPI. the chagnes needs to be commited to the database.


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BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT is being used immediately after


That's not the issue. The problem is Billing Plan data in the Contract Item Overview tab is not updating.

There were no structures to pass Billing Plan data in the BAPI_CUSTOMERCONTRACT_CHANGE.

Any input/feedback will be really helpful.



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Hi Gopakumar,

There is no separate structure to be filled out for the Billing Plan Tab. Since it is coming under the Item level, you have to use the item structure to fill in the data.

Quickest way is, find out the "Data base structure field name" and check in the Item structure(BAPISDITM). i.e. for eg. for billing_block the field is "FAKSP" and the corresponding Item Structure field name is bill_block. you should fill this data in the structure (BAPISDITM) and set 'X' in the check_in structure (BAPISDITMX).

CALL BAPI_CUSTOMERCONTRACT_CHANGE using update mode. You will get the data.

Thanks and Regards