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BAPI_COPAACTUALS_POSTCOSTDATA always creating 2 line items.

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Hi all,

I'm using FM BAPI_COPAACTUALS_POSTCOSTDATA for Profitabilility analysis posting which also can

be done manually using Transaction KE21n.My problem is it is always creating 2 line items irrespective of using

any one option out of the 3 posting line items options(In Operating Concern and Company Code Currency/Only Operating Concern Currency/Only in Company Code Currency).Though for Only Operating Concern Currency and for Only in Company Code Currency option it should create one line item in Table CE4XXXX(XXXX = operating concern).Kindly give some solution.

Thanks in advance.




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This methods allows you to post a quantity of data records to CO-PA. However, it cannot be used to transfer mass data. You should do this using external data transfer.

The data you want to post is transferred in parameter InputData. To assure the consistency of the transferred data, the parameter FieldList must also be filled with the number of field names which are transferred in InputData.

For each record transferred to InputData, the system creates either one or two CO-PA line items, depending on whether or not the company code currency is active alongside the operating concern currency. The currency translation is carried out as for external data transfer. With currency fields, the field Currency must always be filled in the corresponding record of InputData.



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Hi ,

I am also facing the same probelm. Please tell me how you resolved it?

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In Tcode KE21N there are three radio buttons based on which the Posting will be done. To replicate the scenario through BAPI i.e. if you want to Post Only in Operating concern currency OR only in Company Code currency, then you have to pass value 5/6 in the field VALUTYP while filling the table INPUTDATA in the BAPI

So in that case only a single line will be posted even though Company code is active along with Operating Concern currency


Abhishek Jolly