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I'm having problems with BAPI_ASSET_RETIREMENT_POST.

In one system, an asset retirement is done manually and by means of a webservice, we transfert the data to another system.

I the receiver system, we use the BAPI_ASSET_RETIREMENT_POST to create a retirement with the same document number as from the sender system and other data

The number range is correct set up -> external.

In the structure ORIGINDOCREFERENCE I send this information:


OBJ_KEY -> 09530000052009


In structure GENERALPOSTINGDATA we send the other data, but I still get the error:

151Incorrect $ 1. Select document number between 0953000000 and 0953999999

I tried to change the object type and object key is other thing...

Has someone used this BAPI?


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if you getting the problem related to number range, then it is so clear that in both the system you have a different number range.

Even you can clearly see that you are passing obj_key as 09530000052009. and the receiver system number range is 0953000000 to 0953999999. the number range you are passing is not in between the receiver number range.

check you Receiver system number range. May be it will be useful for you.

Sourabh Batwara

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@ Sourabh Batwara

What I pass in the field obj_key as 09530000052009 is the key of the Fi document. In debugging I see that he puts in an internal table als AWREF 0953000005 and fiscal year 2009.

But somewhere he clears the document and there is where it goes wrong.

We checked customizing and the number range exist for the document type we send in the BAPI.

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SNRO Tr. for checking the number ranges...