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bapi_alm_notif_changeusrstat does not change data even after commit

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Hello all

I'm calling bapi_alm_notif_changeusrstat from a function module I've built.

My function module is called during an update task.

The problem is that the bapi doesn't update the data it suppose to update.

If however I call my function module without specifing

"update task" the bapi work just fine.

The problem is I can't ommit the "update task"

Does anyone have an Idea ?


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Check this thread out:



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Hello Ziv,

the problem could be, that the bapi contains subroutines, which are executed in the update task. So it would be a call in update task during update task.

if you're inside sap and you have to change the status during update task, you could use function unit 'STATUS_CHANGE_EXTERN'.

Regards Wolfgang