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BAPI_ACC_GL_POSTING_POST for g/l account & withholding tax details for fb75

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Hello Experts,

Please please please help.

I have used the bapi BAPI_ACC_GL_POSTING_POST to post the g/l account details

document is generated successfully, now when i want to post the withholding tax details also through extension1 and userexit ZXACCU15(include), where coding done is as shown below

loop at t_accit. ( i have 3 line item inthis table)

t_accit-wt_key = '000001'.

modify t_accit.


t_accwt-wt_key = '000001'.

t_accwt-witht = 'I1'.

t_accwt-WT_WITHCD = 'CC'.

t_accwt-WT_QSSHB = '200'.

append t_accwt.

in my document which is generated withholding tax details are not getting populated

please help

scenario is like this i am posting for amount 1000 inr and in my g/l account line item wise

i am posting 800- adn 200- and withholding tax should be calculated on 200 rs but nothing is working

also tried bapi bapi_acc_document_post but not successful




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What is the problem with BAPI? Any specific error?

Check this information avaiable in documentation:

Accounting: General G/L Account Posting Functionality

You can use this method to update business transactions in Accounting which mainly affect the general ledger and are definitely not updated in subledgers which are relevant to the balance sheet.

An example of this is a provision posting for an expected guarantee service.

This can be produce debit or credit entries to balances which are not managed in one of the subledgers relevant to the balance sheet. This is especially applicable if the balances cannot be represented as assets, customers/vendors, materials, loans, etc.

An example of this is a provision posting for an expected guarantee. However, this can also involve depreciation or write-ups in which values have a higher level of summarization than in the corresponding subledger relevant to the balance sheet in which they are managed.

An example of this is foreign currency revaluation for receivables/ payables caused by considerable exchange rate fluctuations which is not updated in accounts payable or accounts receivable.

A similar transaction may come about when revaluating balances for raw materials if the revaluation takes place at a corresponding level of summarization.

The third cateogry is the reclassification of items to balance sheet accounts or income statement accounts, which is only undertaken in the general ledger in order to balance accounts (values are then finally reassigned to financial statement items).

Example: Reclassifying balances of receivables with different return times for the balance sheet.


This object cannot be used to update business transactions which are normally posted to one of the subledgers which affects the balance sheet (such as a billing document; for this see the business object AcctngBilling).

This is especially applicable if the reason the relevant subledger cannot be updated is because it is an external system or is not in use.


If the currency fields have been entered in the CurrencyAmount parameter, the system runs a complete check for the document. Otherwise only the account assignment objects are validated.

Messages are displayed in the Return parameter. You will find the return values and their meanings in the documentation for this parameter.

Reward if useful!

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thanks for the prompt reply,

as i read the details you send, it says for subledger posting it will not work

so is it that withholding tax details are subledger for which you cannot post the data

if this bapi's cannot post than please mention which bapi shall i user for posting

through fb75 .

why i thought it is possible to post because in the extension1 table the exit which is getting called CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION '001'









has it_accwt table where i feel if you put the relevant data you can enter the data

but why its not showing in the document, what is the connection between table it_accit and it_accwt

please help its urgent