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how to pass a value which is in a variable (i.e. w_column) to a structure (i.e. l_mdezx).


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l_mdezx-FIELD_NAME = w_column.

FIELD_NAME would be the name of the field in the structure you want to pass the value of the variable into.



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thx for reply.

but the prob is l_mdezx is define as a table type MDEZ_USER_EXIT_T and the field is in a line type MDEZ_USER_EXIT.

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All right, the first thing is to know which line of the table do you need to change?

If it is just one:

* ok assumed this is the data declaration:
*data: l_mdezx type mdez_user_exit_t,
*      wa_dez type mdez_user_exit.

read table l_mdezx into wa_dez with key "what ever your criteria are
if sy-subrc eq 0.
  wa_dez-FIELD_NAME = w_column.
  modify l_mdezx from wa_dez.

If you have more than one line to update do a LOOP AT L_MDEZX into wa_dez WHERE ....... and change the field content within the loop.

If you need to update all fields in the table

wa_dez-FIELD_NAME = w_column.
modify l_mdezx from wa_dez transporting FIELD_NAME where FIELD_NAME ne wa_dez-FIELD_NAME.

Hope that clarifies it,