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BAdI that fires in F-02 update task (AFTER U107 in YRGGBR000) ???

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In Form U107 of YRGGBR000, I'm exporting some stuff to database memory.

I want to import this stuff in some BAdI that fires during the update task portion of F-02 (or FB01).

Shoudn't I be able to implement AC_DOCUMENT for this purpose. I know that ACC_DOCUMENT is only for BAPI, so that won't work.

But shouldn't AC_DOCUMENT work? Shouldn't an F-02 fall thru the SAP code that checks for an implementation of this BAPI?


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May be BTE can be helpful to you.

Try BTE 1130.


Naimesh Patel

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I've seen the place-holders for BTE's in SAP financial code, but I've never tried to code one. Can you get me started? Where would I begin to look for where to put the code for BTE1130, and where do I "activate" it?

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Never mind - I see there's a lot of stuff here at SDN. like a WIKI. I'll check there first.