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badi or exit for cj20n --- PS module

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Hi All,

I need to activate change log in t-code cj20n like in va02.

(for seeing the change log of va02 follow the procerdure,

go to va02

then enter any sales order

press enter

when the sales order is displayed

then click on Environment - Changes

when the screen appears,

click on execute

now the screen is displayed

if we want to see the changes then

select one of them

and double click).

But i don't know the Exit or BADI for that.

so please suggest me the exit or badi name.


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find a badi for cj20n at particular place.

go to se24.

obhect type-> CL_EXITHANDLER

press display.

double click on method GET_INSTANCE.

Put a break Point in side the method CALL METHOD cl_exithandler=>get_class_name_by_interface.

then go to code Cj20n.

and you will get all the BADI which tiggers in cj20n.

code ll stop at break point u check variable exit_name of above class.



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for cj20n tcode following BADIs are using





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Hi execute this program & enter any tcode it will give list of all user exit used for that tcode.

tables : tstc, tadir, modsapt, modact, trdir, tfdir, enlfdir.

tables : tstct.

data : jtab like tadir occurs 0 with header line.

data : field1(30).

data : v_devclass like tadir-devclass.

parameters : p_tcode like tstc-tcode obligatory.

select single * from tstc where tcode eq p_tcode.

if sy-subrc eq 0.

select single * from tadir where pgmid = 'R3TR'

and object = 'PROG'

and obj_name = tstc-pgmna.

move : tadir-devclass to v_devclass.

if sy-subrc ne 0.

select single * from trdir where name = tstc-pgmna.

if trdir-subc eq 'F'.

select single * from tfdir where pname = tstc-pgmna.

select single * from enlfdir where funcname =


select single * from tadir where pgmid = 'R3TR'

and object = 'FUGR'

and obj_name eq enlfdir-area.

move : tadir-devclass to v_devclass.



select * from tadir into table jtab

where pgmid = 'R3TR'

and object = 'SMOD'

and devclass = v_devclass.

select single * from tstct where sprsl eq sy-langu and

tcode eq p_tcode.

format color col_positive intensified off.

write:/(19) 'Transaction Code - ',

20(20) p_tcode,

45(50) tstct-ttext.


if not jtab[] is initial.

write:/(95) sy-uline.

format color col_heading intensified on.

write:/1 sy-vline,

2 'Exit Name',

21 sy-vline ,

22 'Description',

95 sy-vline.

write:/(95) sy-uline.

loop at jtab.

select single * from modsapt

where sprsl = sy-langu and

name = jtab-obj_name.

format color col_normal intensified off.

write:/1 sy-vline,

2 jtab-obj_name hotspot on,

21 sy-vline ,

22 modsapt-modtext,

95 sy-vline.


write:/(95) sy-uline.

describe table jtab.


format color col_total intensified on.

write:/ 'No of Exits:' , sy-tfill.


format color col_negative intensified on.

write:/(95) 'No User Exit exists'.



format color col_negative intensified on.

write:/(95) 'Transaction Code Does Not Exist'.