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BADI for Performance Appraisal

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Hi All,

I have to add one field in the standard badi - HRHAP00_ADD_HEADER, and implementation name is HRHAP00_ADD_HEADER_1 and the enhancement name is PERSONNEL_HEADER_DATA.

As of now when i am selecting Performance Appraisal goal (TCODE - PHAP_CATALOG) and going to Personnel Header Data in the field Additional Header data in the layout tab, 5 fields are getting displayed

1. Organization Unit 2. Personnel Area 3. Personnel Sub Area, 4.EE Group and 5. EE SubGroup.

Now i have to add Position.

Can any one pls suggest how to do this.

I tried to create one more implementation for the standard badi HRHAP00_ADD_HEADER, now i am able to display the position field, but when i am going to transaction appcreate to display the addition data after selection the required fields, the values in Org unit, personnel area, per sub area, EE group, EE Sub group and Position are not displayed. But when i am using the standard implementation HRHAP00_ADD_HEADER_1, then i am able to see the values. Pls let me know how to solve this problem.




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Hi Dude,

HRHAP00_DOC_DEF_DN - Appraisal Document - Default Appraisal Document name

HRHAP00_DOC_PREPARE - Appraisal Document - Prepare Appraisal Documents

HRHAP00_DOC_SAVE - Appraisal Document - Save Appraisal Document

HRPDV00APPRAISAL0000 - Alternative Appraisal System

HRPDV00APPRAISAL0001 - Default Period for Creating an Appraisal

HRPIQ00_GRADING - Change of Appraisal Management Data

HRPIQ00AGR_COMAPPOBJ - Assign Appraisal Type to Appraiser

HRPIQ00AGR_EPACK - Determine Which Object is Relevant for Appraisal

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Hi ,

My name is RIAH.

I am a fresher in SAP-HR.

Currently I have been tagged in PMS.I have been asigned a task.

Description of task:

1. appraisal to be conducted 4 times a year.

2. five(5) participants included.

a. appraiser(self evaluation)(rating)

b. guide/apraisee(appraiser evaluation)(rating)

c. admin evaluation(rating) (final garding too)

d. mid year review panel evaluation (rating)

e. Final Year review panel evaluation(rating)

3. Mid year review panel will rate after two appraisals

4. Final year review panel will rate at the end of next two appraisals.

5. Final grading to be done by admin and close the appraisal process.

6. Mid review and final review is irrespective of the Appraisal process.There will be a seperate period for these review.

I have never come across or heard such a complex appraisal system. Client is not changing the complexity nor he wants another way.He is strict and never compromise in following this process.

Can any one please guide me in designing the appraisal process, list of roles to be assigned and the badi's to be included.

For the normal appraisal process I have designed the template for appraisal document and its working fine for appraisee/apparsier and admin. For the Mifd year and final year rating , I am unable to add participants and rate them by panel members.

Suggestions will be much appreciated.