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Background process

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Hello All,

I am having a report program which is used to Download some purchase data to excelsheets (in some specified folder). I need to run this report as a background process. (Every day it need to be run automatically).

Is it possible? If yes, How can I give it to a background job? What are the transactions?

Please give me the steps that I need to do....

Thanks in Advance,




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if you are using the GUI_DOwnload FM its not possible to schedule as Background... some thing related to GUI like an C/temp/ folder...

if its application server folder then you can schedule a job in SM36

and give name for ur job and in step> give the time you want it to excute every day... and save it as periodic job... it will be taken care from rest.

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hi Lijo,

goto SM36

give a job name

click start date time

bottom u have a check box (periodic) check it.

below it u hav periodic values button click it select daily

now click save..

click step...

select ABAP pgm

give ur program name.....

if u hav variant give........

select save.......

now on the main screen press save......

u can monitor ur job in SM37.........

u can also use job wizard to do this entire process.

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Go to se38 and give your program name.

Press F8 to go to selection screen of your program.

Press F9 to select Execute in Background

Press Shift + F1 to continue.

Select Immediate tab.

Check Periodic job.

Select Periodic values beside the save button

Select Daily



Now your program is scheduled in background without user interaction.

If you want status of your program run, go to SM36, click on Own Jobs.

Here you can see your program and its details.

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go to transaction sm36 and give the job name(zxyz) go to start condition -

periodic values in that select daily and the job name and program name the report will set background job

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Hi John,

Follow the below procedure then ur problem is solved

1. Goto sm36 transction and give and give job name as ZDEMO. STEP push button which is present in the application toolbar.

3.In that click on ABAP PROGRAM push button and give ur REPORT NAME and VARIANT NAME(compulosry mention variant name ok) And click the SAVE button which is present in the bottom.

4.Next click the START CONDITION push button which is present in the application toolbar and then select DATE AND TIME push button and mention time and date there and then save the data and also finally save the data.

5.Goto SM37 T.CODE and mention the jobname as sm36 jobname and ur report program name and the click the EXECUTE BUTTON..

Award points if helpful.

Kiran Kumar.G

Have a Nice Day..

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Background to Excel is not possible since SAP was designed to be OS independent and Excel runs only on Windows PCs