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Back Order Processing

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Hi SAP gurus this is a question reguarding back order processing, I need some material, T-code, and steps to be taken to understand the process of back order processing of confirmed orders.

I am facing am issue reguarding priority, the confirmed orders are not getting prioritized when i am entering new orders of higher priority the already confirmed orders have to be manually changed and they are not automated to pick the orders with higher priority !!!!


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Hi Raghav,

The T-code for backorder processing is co06. In this transaction you can manually change the assignment of individual materials to the work orders.

But reading your post, I believe you are not running a collective availability check for materials at plant level. If you have not set up the same, please do it & ensure that the program runs in the night, so as to ensure there is no changes taking place during regular working hours.

This should resolve the problem you are facing.



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I dont want to manually change the materials in the order I want them to be automatically picked using a particular priority ..... Is there a way to do that ?????

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The 2nd part of my earlier posting answers your above question. To do an automatic selection of priority, you have to run a collective availability check at plant level. The transaction is COMAC, here you need to make input selections (i.e. Reset availability data -> this will ensure that all confirmations are reset & the system does a fresh assignment, availability checking rule -> ATP) & then execute the transaction.

But before you proceed, to reduce the load on the system, exclude orders which have TECO, DLV, DLFL indicators set at header level. Once you execute, the system will read all the work orders with the other status & here, you sort the entire orders based on the basic start date in ascending order. Once these basic settings have been done, you can now proceed to carry out the mass changes.

The system will reset all materials assigned & re-assign them based on the first requirement. Kindly note those materials which have already been issued to work orders will not be considered, hope you are clear on that part. Hope i was able to provide you with the information you are looking for.



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Hi Vivek,

Thanks for the quick response, reguarding the back order procesing, can u give me a more detailed explanation or link where i can read more about and also if i execute the COMAC what are the selections that i have to make and what are the reprucussion that will occur if i run this transaction( what are the orders that it will effect ) all of the orders and how can i deselect the TECO, DLV, DLFL orders



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I am not aware of a particular link or help file available on this transaction. But i faced the exact same problem & hence had to set up the entire process to resolve it. I can explain the steps which i had taken, maybe it might be helpful to you,


1. Selection can be done at order header level or @ operations level or @ components level.

2. For your requirement, select at header level

3. Input to be given on page 1 of COMAC is the plant number, for checking purpose you can just exclude TECO & DLV status orders.

4. But you can define a selection profile & assign the same in the profile field if you want a specific selection, as exclude fields. If you are comfortable with customizations, then please proceed to do the same in customization. If not just stick to exclusion of DLV & TECO, which should be sufficient.

5. In the 2nd tab, select the reset availability check indicator & for the availability checking rule, select ATP check.

6. I hope you have set up the availability checking rule for the different work order types. Even if you have not, its ok, but its better you do that.

7. Once you made the selections as per the above, click on execute, the system will read all work orders except for those having TECO & DLV.

8. Hope you know how to set up a display variant, if not, first ensure none of the columns are sorted. Then select only the column called basic start date & sort it in ascending order.

9. Now save this display as a default variant & the next time you can run the transaction by specifying this display variant.

10. Once the display variant is ready, proceed to run the mass availability check.

11. The system first resets all confirmations & reassigns based on the first requirement.

12. The system at the end of the Coll. av. check will give you a log, you can go thru it to know what all has changed.

13. But i strongly suggest, you first try the entire set up & work in sandbox server. Once you are confident, then proceed to do the needful in production system. But once again i remind you, always run this transaction in the night, as the confirmations will be reset & re-assigned & it will cause disruption to normal working if run during working hours.

Let me know if you need any more guidance.

Good luck