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Back Ground Job Issue

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My report program was executing successfully in the Foreground but not in the back ground.. Can any one help me on this?

My report program has a selection screen..I entered the data for it at and through menu option Program->execute in background..I executed it..As it asked for output device i gave LP01 and No of copies to 1. and checked Radio button Print all. and clicked ok.

It asked me for start time and i selected Immediate and clicked on save.

It gave a status message "Back ground Job Scheduled".

Now when i look through SM37 under my name the job is always active and Never finished.

Can any one help me on this?

Thank in advance..


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it may take time to finish.wait a while.

if it is not working , it will be canceleld.



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i want it to be executed..Not cancelled..I executed it around 4 to 5 hours back..How can i find whats going wrong

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If the job status is 'Active' it indicates as a job running in background.As you are telling Back ground Job Scheduled, as per my knowledge still your job has not scheduled....

otherwise Define job thru sm36 and in sm37 shedule the job (select the immedieate option) so that job will execute immedietaly.

whenever you run the job thru background immedieatly job status should be Ready and then active.

Verify your program is running or not in sm37'


Ramakrishna Pathi

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Jobs are running in SM37 and the status is active..But are not finished..

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If the Job is still active, Go to transaction SM66/SM50, Place the cursor on ur program. Click on debugging button in tool bar. U will enter into debugging mode and see where the control is. It may take some time(30 seconds to open the debugger).

Are u running the foreground and background job with same variant? How much time it is taking in foreground for the same variant?



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Just check whether the job is running in the background or not

Double Click on the job name and take the Server & Process Id.

Go back to the SM37 Screen.

Click on Application Servers or directly Open the transaction SM51.

Select the Server and find the process Id with the help of the things you found already

Now, you can see the database level.

Check if the values or moving or not. This way you could track the details

If not, Ask BASIS guys to check whether the job is reading from rollback or not.

If it is, cancel and rerun the job...or else..leave the will finish off in some time.

Hope everything is clear

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Hi vinod,

I am running the report with same Variant..and in foreground it is just taking around 10 sec..

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Please cross check if you are using the same input data in selection screen both in foreground and background mode.

- Please check with the Basis guys if there are any table buffering issue / Performance issue.

- Try to debug the code using SM50 - > Menu Program mode - > Program

- Talk to Basis guys to check overall system performance and find if your program is stuck in some


- Stop the job and Try changing the input data and run in foreground again.

All the best



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Hi Narendra,

Did u try the transactions i told to debug the active jobs?

Also is there any seperate logic in program for foreground and background? U can check this by searching for the variable sy-batch(X = batch job).

If the program is small probably u can paste the code so that we can what exactly is the problem.



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I can give you one more solution.

Cancel the active job if it is not doing any update on the documents and if it just a report.

Schedule the job through SM36.

Now, while creating the job through SM36 try to run the job in a particular server apart from the one which it ran before.You can give the server name while creating the job in SM36 screen in the feld Exec. Targe

If you are having only one server, then the only way is to check with the BASIS guy which I had already mentioned.

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After running 4 to 5 hours still the job status is scheduled? or active.

if it is still schedule after 4 to 5 hours, still job has not started....

Large volumes are data extracting for your background job program?


Ramakrishna Pathi