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automatic upload

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hi guys.

i am writting an ABAP upload program to process payments made automatically. I need to know how to make my program pick the file on my C drive automatically without a user having to pick it up, that is, to do away with the use of a parameter.

Thank you




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Hi willard,

1. If the Z Program is to be run thru front-end,

then u can always

specify the path name along with the file name,

in the abap code itself.

(the path /filename can be stored or

constructed dynamically in a variable,

using some logic and prefix/suffix)

2. BUT,

if the program is supposed to run in the background,

then we cannot access front-end server,

neither its files.

(in that case, the files need to be stored on application server,

and we need to use OPEN DATASET, read, CLOSE DATASET )


amit m.

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PARAMETERS: file(30) default 'C:


Wasim Ahmed

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It si beter if you have the fiel on the application server instead of the presentation server.

Chances are that if you run the program when the PC is shut down, then it will lead ro errors and more over gui_upload function module will not work in background.

But if you still want there is a work around for this.

There is a document with me. Give me your email id, i'll send it to you.



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Hi Kanth.

Thank you for the information.

My email address is

Best regards