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Authorization object for parameter transactions

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Hi all,

I'm trying to restrict transaction VL10h for shipping point,this transaction is a parameter transaction and is not controlled by an authorization object directly.when I run a trace , transaction Vl10x shows up. The authorization object that is being checked is V_LIKP_VST.

Note : The requirement is when the user executes transaction VL10h he/she should be able to display only those shipping points they are authorized to.

Please advice.




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Hi Mohan,

For transaction VL10H you can specify values for the following fields in authorization object V_LIKP_VST:


01 Create or generate

02 Change

03 Display

04 Print, edit messages

18 Deliveries from coll. proc.

24 Archive

25 Reload

85 Reverse

-Shipping point: Here you must set the restriction for each group of users that are allowed for the maintenance of the shipping points that are used for delivery processing.

You can restrict the access through these fields.



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Hi Leandro,

Thanks for your reply, the problem is/was when I speicfy a value for shipping point in the object V_LIKP_VST for the field VSTEL it is not being restricted to that value.I have cheked maintained this object for the transaction VL10H in SU24 also.

For example: If I restrict this value to 3115 in the role the user is still able to display shipping point 3116 0r any valid shipping point.Please advice.



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Have you check for your particular user if he/she has another role with authorization object V_LIKP_VST. It could happen that the user has the access because the value * or others shipping point number are in field VSTEL.

For example, if you have for two roles and different values in V_LIKP_VST for them. The final access will be the sum of both.

regards, Leandro

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Hi Leandro,

I have checked there is no access from any other role.



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Greetings Mohan,

Were you ever able to solve this issue? I have the same problem and I am currently working to find an answer.

Thank You

- Rollin