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Authorization at module level

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Dear experts,

We are in the blue print phase and customization has not started yet.

our project Mngr wants to have module level authorization to all consultants,

I mean to say , SD consultant should be able to do SPRO Configurations only is SD , he/she must not be allowed by himself to enter into MM or FI or other,

Hope you people got my query please help to attend this issue.

I am wondering whether it is possible or not, even then is this a best practise ?




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Dear Irfan,

You can follow the below process.

First,Create an project in IMG for the area that you want to restrict (tcode SPRO_ADMIN, create a project with a desired name and then select the components you want to use.) like you mentioned SD, PP etc.

Then, you create a role using the following steps. On the menu tab,Select menu option Utilities->customizing auth...Click on Add and select IMG project . Select the project that you want to build a role for & it will pull in all the respective transactions within that project node.

This is posted in reply to one of the past queries in this forum. please search the forum for more details.


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Thanks for your valuable information , please tell me is this a best practise , is the same strategy being followed in onther implementations....?

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Yes. this is the only best way you can give full spro authorizations. using other methods all the links links in SPRO may not work.

I used this method for more than 3 of my clients.