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Auth grp for custom program

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I have an custom program which i need to secure by auth group so i went to RSCSAUTH then i kept some auth;- say "FI" under auth grp column....before this i did not create any auth grp named: FI any where in the system......

so my question is by doing this is considered as creation and assignment of auth grp to this custom program ???

and if i do this in dev then how come this piece carried to production.


Lisa Pl


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I think I understand your request....

You don't have to create auth groups before assigning them to the program. The program auth group field allows any arbitrary 4 characters to be assigned which will then be passed into an authorisation check. When you transport the program, the custom auth group it taken with it.

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The field is however not limited to 4 characters, RSCSAUTH is protected by 7.

As you would hopefully develop and assign Auth Groups to programs in your development system, it does not make sense (to me) that the defined Auth Groups of the concept are necesarily known to the Prod system, as the role(s) for the report / transaction should be created / changed from the same source, ideally. So transporting the Groups themselves is only usefull if you are, for example, protecting programs or queries or report trees in production which are also maintained there. Transporting the program itself with the assigned TRDIR-SECU entry is not hindered (unless there is some feature of the STMS which does this - for example the production system is the domain controller).

You can assign the auth group in Production as well with RSCSAUTH, subject to having the correct authorization for it. But you should restrict that very carefully and take care with your client settings...

Other similar topics are changing menus in production.



PS: If the reason for your question is because of protecting the prgram to run online, then perhaps a simple SY-BATCH... check in the program is another (additional) option. S_PROGRAM P_ACTION = 'BTCSUMBIT' as well.

Edited by: Julius Bussche on Apr 20, 2008 8:58 PM