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ATP Check issue in Background Mode

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Hi All,

I am creating order using BAPI BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2. Its wroking fine. I am facing issue in ATP Check.

When i create manually order throgh VA01 ATP Check perform manually. While Background ATP Check not happn thorugh my program. Due to this issue  order Marked as Advance  . Please Let em know what need to add for Perfoming ATP Check fro using this BAPI.

Please let me know any configuration missing  for avilability check in background.




Former Member
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Hi, result of working bapi BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2 and VA01 must be the same

check parameters: order type, item category, Schedule line category

in orders created by BAPI and VA01. May be some differents occur

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Thanks Maxm.

But in VA01, We are copying Quantity manually in the ATP check but in background its not happen.

Other orders are working fine.. both VA01 and BAPI..

Only Problem  ATP not happen in background execution.

Please advice any config is to activate ATP check while run in background.

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And what do you expect of ATP in background? As for me ATP mast working. Look at schedule lines and delivery dates in va02 in order created by BAPI.

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Same only.. There is no deference.. May be any parameter Missing in BAPI .. Below parametrs are i passed in BAPI.

Header IN : Doc Type, Sales Org, Dic Channel, Division, Sales off and Reg Delivery Date

Item In : Item No  , Material

Order Partner : Partner Role : SP  and Partner No

Schedule in : Item No and Quantity.

Please Let me know anything i missed in  above parameter.


Prabu K

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Hi Prabu,

Check your OVZJ setting. In a BAPI, the ATP check is performed in the background.

As it is in the background, the availability screen cannot be called. Therefore, it is not possible to make decisions regarding full delivery, delivery proposal etc. In this case,the system uses the configuration found in OVZJ. If your availability checking rule in OVZJ is blank, the system will choose full delivery. The consequence is that if all the stock is not available, full delivery will not be possible and therefore the system will confirm zero. If you use the availability checking rule to E the delivery proposal will be selected automatically if there is a shortage.

SAP note 33084 discusses this as well.

If the above does not help, then I would set a breakpoint at FM AVAILABILITY_CHECK_CONTROLLER to ensure that ATP is actually being called during your Bapi process. This is the function responsible for the ATP check.

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Thanks Noel,

My Project Avilability Checking Rule for Sales Area maintained " C"  in OVZJ.

For Delivery Date Avilable stock is there also its marked as advance order. when i run VA01 its not happen i can see all confirmed..

Please suggest me why this variation or any parameter missing in BAPI..

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Can you check if the same issue occurs when the OVZJ setting is blank or "E"?

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We tried E but its not working .. Eveb Blank too ..  I fell some parameter is missing ot dont know what exactely happn ?