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Assign external # range to Requisition using BAPI_REQUISITION_CREATE

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I am using BAPI_REQUISITION_CREATE to create a Requisition with a specified number. The number is in the External Number range of the document type. When I create the Requisition in transaction ME51N I can assign the number I require. However, when I try to assign the same number range using the BAPI it says the number is not in the number range.

I am converting the number using the ALPHA convert function, but the BAPI still complains that the number is not in range.

Does anyone know if I need to do something in the BAPI settings to get it to accept the External Number range for the document type.

Thank you



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I would guess that external/internal number assignment is configured for the requisition document types? In other words, whether or not the numbering is internal or external may be a all-or-nothing configuration setting, based on document type. Check with your functional specialist....

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I'm sure the number range is setup correctly as it is allowing the external number to be assigned when I use the transaction ME51N.

We only have one number range assigned to the document type NB. The BAPI is allocating the correct internal number if I leave the number blank, but complains that the external number is not in range.

Any other ideas?

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Sorry, no other ideas...I'd have to watch the process in debug, to see why SAP doesn't like the number supplied, how the error is called, etc.

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We did a system restart and now the number range is recognised by both ME51N and the BAPI?? So problem is solved with no changes required??