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AS01 Asset Master Upload by BAPI_FIXEDASSET_CREATE1

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Hi All Currently Client requirement to upload Asset Master through BAPI.So is it the right bapi for use in AS01 Transaction??If so then can you share me the coding for that.I tried but there is required field named No of Similar Assets NASSETS but there is np such field in this bapi so hw can develop this code for Asset Master Updation??Please Share!!


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Please share sap gurus if anything idea!!!

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If you enter BAPI_FIXEDASSET_CREATE1 AS01 into the search box on top right of the forum, then you get 52  hits for this combination.

Just read a few of them and you have the answer to your question

Further enter BAPI_FIXEDASSET_CREATE1 in SE37, click display, then the button for documentation.

If you see the same like I do then you get to see: You can use this method to create asset master records.

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I gone through all the hits as you spoke.But could not get find any field NASSETS (No of Similar Assets) in bapi_fixedasset_create1.If gone through any pl share link or provide some coding based on that.Thanks Suman

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What does this field do when use the AS01 online transaction?

It sends a pop-up to let the user decide if he wants the same values for the other assets or if he wants to modify. In that case a next pop-up is presented so that the user can enter those values.

Have you ever seen a pop-up in BAPI, which is supposed to run in background?