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ArchiveLink Late storing with bar code in Records Management

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I want first to archive a document with the scenario Late storing with bar code over archive link (function module ARCHIV_BARCODE_GLOBAL) and right away adding the barcode document to a record in records management.

For both i need a business object (expample DOCUMENT or RECORD). When i want to add a archived document to a record i do need a DOCUMENT_ID to create a POID. But i do get the poid only after the document is scanned and finally archived. At the time where I insert the barcode with the function module archive_barcode_global, I don't get back a document_id. This is the first problem. The second problem is, that I can't use the business objects from Records Management (document or record) for the barcode scenario since there the business object ID is expected and the business object id for the business objects document or record is the document id.

The only way seems to create two business objects. one for the storing with barcode and one for the connection to records management. and i seem only to be able to create a record and inserting the archived document after the document is really scanned and archived.

My question now is, does anybody knows a way where i can use the archive link scenario late storing with barcode and being able to add the future archived document right away to a record? I want to do both in one step and only want to use one business object. Is this possible?

Thank you very much.



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I am trying to do the same and would a appreciate a response to this question.