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any command for percentage calculation

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Is there any command in ABAP for calculating percentage?

How to callculate percentage?


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Hello Hari,

I notice that this your first post on SDN. Welcome aboard, and hope you have a good time here.

Coming to your question, I'm afraid I don't understand it very well. what do you mean by a function for percentage? you just take a fraction and multiple it by 100 to get the percentage. For example, if you have two numbers , 4 and 5, and want to find out what percentage of 5 will be 4, you just do ( 4 / 5 ) * 100. Which will be 80.

Am I missing something here... ?


Anand Mandalika.

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Hi..tq for your reply.

Sorry for wrong question.

Actually i wnt to find the no.of records( we use this % symbol in the select query )

Is ther any such a option in the select query??

Just give me any syntax using select including % symbol.

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look F1 to select :


SELECT COUNT( * ) FROM dd02l INTO sy-dbcnt

WHERE tabname = itab-tabname

AND tabclass = 'TRANSP'.


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HI Hari Krishna

There is NO Standard COmmand or Keyword in SAP to Calculate Percentage

x/y * 100,is the only way to calculate percentage.

You can define your own Macro or Function module,if you want.


Vijay Raheja

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Hi Hari;

There is no Function for percentage calculation in SAP.

The below link will give you the Mathematical Functions and Arithmetic Operations supported in SAP.

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Select * from datatable

where Field1 = '%01'.

it will fetch all the records where field 1 ends with 01.

% wild card character.

which can take any no.of characters