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Annexure page on smartforms

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Hi All,

I have one problem with Annexure page of Purchase order print smartforms. In this case, i have 3-4 pages for Annexure data which is maintained in some standard text. My Annexure data has to print along with PO header & Item data. So, i have created my smart from like below

First Page

- PO header data (secondary Window)

- PO item data (Main window with Table )

- PO totals ( Secondary Window)

Second Page( Annexure Page)

- Annexure (Main window) Because it has to print more than 2 pages based on data maintained in standard text

In this case, it is going to second page but blank page was displaying. If i have used Annexure window type as secondary window, annexure data was coming but not going for 3rd & 4th pages.

Please provide the solution.

Thanks In Advance.


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- Put PO totals which is in Secondary Window  into the Footer of Table.

For Second Page( Annexure Page) to come on 3rd and 4th page use it in main window instead of secondary window and put an additional event for the Text node

Check the checkbox in additional Event : Not on First Page & Only after end of main Window.

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Hi Vishnu,

Try doing this,

In footer of item table insert a command node to goto 2nd page.

& keeping the annexure in main window as it is.