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Amount display transaction VK13

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I am looking at a certain condition record in transaction VK13, when i see the output in the table control in the amount field i have a percentage value e.g. 2 and in the unit fields i have '%'.

The amount value is picked from the table KONP-KBETR and unit reference field is KONP-KONWA.

the value in the table KONP for KBETR is 20 and for KONWA is '%'.

So when it display's on the screen instead of 20 it displays 2..... when i checked the sap standard table control behind it Program SAPMV13A screen 1912 for the amount field the reference field is RV13A-KONWA

RV13A-KONWA is populated as 3 at this point... during the display the vakue is converted,

My questions:

1. Where does it get the value 3 from ? and what is it about.

My problem..

I am picking up the data and trying to display using alv grid..over there even if i use the reference field as the KONWA field.. i dont get 2 as a value?

So gurus i am sure someone has come across this before.. some light on this please ...



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SAP assigns hardcoded 3 to currency key incase of percentage assignments...

I should be able to assign 10 points to myself for this