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ALV with ONE itab But with 4 Different Result Sets

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I have a req like I need to display data of only one itab but with 4 differnt Result sets.

I have 5 options on selecton-screen. Among first 4 options I can choose only one. So if I select option 1 then it will load itab data accordingly and display, same applicable for 2 3 and 4.

But 5th one is combination of 4 options. I need to display itab combined data of all 4 options.

The 5th option output wud be like:

Heading: option1

itab data

Heading: option2

itab data

Heading: option3

itab data

Heading: option4

itab data.

Can any one suggest a way acheive this.

Thanks in advance.



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Hi Pra,

If you have all the data that you need to display in one itab and you have to show only one ALV ...

I think that you have to use the parameter is_variant in the FUNCTION 'REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY' and make 5 diferents visualization variants, with this the user just have to select the variant and see the data as he o she wish. Instead of use the 5 options (i supose that you are using radio buttons) .


Make 5 diferents layouts. and use then acording your selection

I hope this can helps you.



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See if we select option 5, the program flow shud be like...

first select data from TAB into itab for option1 display it with clear the earlier data from itab and again pick data from same table for for option 2 display it with goes for all for 4 options.

Any idea abt how to achieve?

what abt the second way to do it for 5 differnet layouts.

could you please explain...



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With option 5 you have to show 4 list at the same time?

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yes Francis..

any idea??



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Well, i have 3 ideas...

1) You can make a SmartForms and show all the tables (list) that you want. but i think that this is not a good idea, because probably the users didn't want a form.

2) Work with ALV OO and make as many containers as list you need. That is a good one but if you don't know OO will be difficult.

And the number 3 is using ALV BLOCK LIST. With this kind of ALV you can "append" as many list as you want.

See the help for the FMs:





I've never used them but I think it would be a solution for your problem...

Hope this helps

Francisco Castillo

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