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ALV Standard changes check

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I'm using editable ALV + F4 for fields. And there is a problem - When field was changed standard data check checks entered value (by f4 or manually) and returns an error - the entry was not found in check table (foreign key table for entered tab_ref and field_ref in the fieldcatalog). When I looked for value in this table - it was there!

In handler of event data_changed this error was already on the entrance in the er_data_changed protocol.

So what am I doing wrong? Or how can I avoid standard data check for columns that have some DDIC reference fields?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Vitali,

You can standard check, for that when you are populating fieldcatalog dont give ref table and ref field. Just pass the parameters as mentioned below.

ls_fieldcat-fieldname = 'YHPFUNC'.

ls_fieldcat-TABNAME = '1'.

ls_fieldcat-datatype = 'CHAR'.

ls_fieldcat-REPTEXT = 'Functionally complete'.

ls_fieldcat-outputlen = '1'.

ls_fieldcat-SCRTEXT_l = 'Functionally complete'.

ls_fieldcat-edit = 'X'.

Hope this will help you.

Thanks & Regards,


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check this it may help you....

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Hi Siri


Yes I know that when I don't define these fields the standard check would not be wexecuted. But the problem in my case - that I purposely defined ref_table and ref_field to do not process F4 call. I don't want to call it manualy. And at all this check should be there. But I don't understand why it doesn't find the entered value despite they are in the check tables. So I want to supress standard check and check it in handler of data_changed.

Hi Vanu,

Thank you, I have already learnt it by heart

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You are in catch 22 situation. If you give ref_table the checks happend automatically and F4 works and you remove both of them does not happen.

I don't think there is a work around apart from what removing the ref table and providing F4 manually.