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ALV Report - Check box problem

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Hi All,

In ALV If I use checkbox option, rest of the fields were grayed out and even Key field color / emphasize is also not working..

If I remove Checkbox option then everything looks good.

Any help will be rewarded.

Thanks in advance



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HI Pavan,

Check this thread there ou will find the relevant code for the same



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hi pavan,

check out this link:



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Hello Pavan,

this may help

CLEAR wa_fieldcat.

wa_fieldcat-fieldname = 'CHECK'.

wa_fieldcat-inttype = 'C'.

wa_fieldcat-outputlen = 2.

wa_fieldcat-coltext = text-c01.

wa_fieldcat-checkbox = 'X'.

wa_fieldcat-edit = 'X'.

APPEND wa_fieldcat TO i_fieldcat.

wa_layout-zebra = 'X'.

w_callback_program = sy-cprog.

I have used above code in one of my program and it is working fine

Internal table shoud have 1 column char 1 type.

CALL METHOD w_grid->set_table_for_first_display


is_layout = wa_layout


it_fieldcatalog = i_fieldcat

it_outtab = i_zfi_epitm

it_sort = i_sortsubtot.

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Hi Pavan,

I am using two tables mkpf , mseg my internal table is T_mseg ,I declare TYPE-POOLS slis and fieldcattab TYPE slis_t_fieldcat_alv WITH HEADER LINE.

After Start-of-selection and End-of-selection :

CLEAR fieldcattab .

fieldcattab-col_pos = 1.

fieldcattab-fieldname = 'P'.

fieldcattab-tabname = 'T_MSEG'.

fieldcattab-emphasize = 'C2'.

fieldcattab-checkbox = 'X'.

fieldcattab-input ='X'.

fieldcattab-edit = 'X'.

fieldcattab-seltext_l = 'CHEK_BOX'.

APPEND fieldcattab.

My program is working good .

Please try it, If you want more information go to dwdn transaction there you find Grid control there is a example there name as simple ALV call demo that will help you more and if you want more, I will send you my program .

Ankur Garg.