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ALV question

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I have an simple ALV list of many fields. (I am using resue alv list display function module for this). I have to keep dragging cursor to the right to see all fields.

On the output, I want say fields 'A', 'B', 'C', 'D' always appear on the output even if I drag the cursor. I mean even if I drag the cursor to the right to see the other fields, these fields A ,B,C, D should still appear stationary on the output where as the other fields should be moving when I drag right.

Can you tell me what to do for the above requirement?




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In the EVENTS, say KEY = 'X' For the fields A,B,C,D,E .

more INFO about the same :

• no_keyfix Not relevant for block lists (output of several lists consecutively)

value set: SPACE, 'X'

' ' = the key columns defined in the field catalog by FIELDCAT-KEY = 'X' are fixed in the list output. These columns do not scroll horizontally. The item table key columns are fixed in hierarchical-sequential lists. The header table key fields are not considered here.

'X' = key columns not fixed. The user can change these general settings interactively.

To fix a column by default which is not a key column, set the parameter to 'X' and control it via the field list. See the documentation of the field list parameter FIELDCAT-FIX_COLUMN of the IMPORTING parameter IT_FIELDCAT.



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Set FIX_COLUMN to 'X' in the field catalog definition for those fields.

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it_fieldcat-FIX_COLUMN = 'X'.

for the four A, B, C and D fields.


Azaz Ali.

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In the field catalog internal table for the fields A,B,C and D have the field KEY = 'X'.