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ALV: Problem with toolbar event

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Hi ALV-experts,

I have a dynpro with a header area where I display an ALV table. Below this I have a subscreen with a tabstrip control and two tabs.

In the ALV toolbar I defined an own button. This button gets deactivated after pressing this button. I achieved this by the option "disabled" in the structure stb_button within the event handler for the toolbar event.

This works all fine so far. If I start the dynpro and click on the button in the ALV-toolbar the buttons gets deactivated afterwards. But I have I jump between the tabs before I press the ALV-toolbar button, the button does not get deactivated.

The debugger does not go into the event handler of the toolbar event. I also did system debugging of the method SET_TOOLBAR of the CL_GUI_ALV_GRID-class. Here I pass in both cases the command

 raise event toolbar e_object = m_cl_toolbar e_interactive = i_interactive. 

but in the second case (when I change the tabs before I press the button) the event handler is not executed and I don't know why. I also tried to register the event handler for all instances of the ALV still with the same result.

The ALV method set_toolbar_interactive( ) did also not solve the problem.

I couldn't find any SAP note about an issue for this event.

Does anybody have an idea or a solution for this problem?


Problem solved, it was typo!

Thanks in advance and regards,


Edited by: Martin Fischer on Jul 7, 2010 4:53 PM


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The problem was a typo!