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ALV List Page-Break and Subtotals

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Hi guys,

I'm trying to force a page-break at the before_line_output event for every kunnr let's say, and so far is goes, but here is my problem:

I have to display data on the heading of each list like the kunnr corresponding to the list displayed below it.

Does anyone know how to achieve this with a normal not OO ALV list?

Thanks in advance,



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If you want a hierarchical list (header and some related items under it), you can use function REUSE_ALV_HIERSEQ_LIST_DISPLAY. You will need to populate the header and the item table correctly, and pass it to the function. Do not forget to populate the IS_KEYINFO correctly as this is the structure that links the header and the item table. See the function module documentation for more details.



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Hi Prayama,

I'm trying to avoid using a hierarchical list, because all data can be put into a simple list.

What a I'd like to get is a page-break for example when the kunnr changes, and put this kunnr number in the top_of_page or as heading of the alv list for that kunnr some how.

I need to print the info of each kunnr in a diferent page, that's why I insist with the page-break.

I know it's posible, I just don't know how can I do it.

Thanks a lot anyway.