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ALV Issue with Average in Subtotal Line

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Hi experts,

Glad to see you again. Actually we've been displaying an ALV report with subtotals (DO_SUM = 'X' in field catalog).

In this link you can see the report as we get

[Image in Picasa|]

In the last column, we've just marked DO_SUM in field catalog structure and SUBTOT in sort table.

As seen, report is ok, but we don't want a sum at the end of the report; we need an average of the other subtotals.

We tested marking DO_SUM with other values (A, B, C, F, M...), without successful result.

We've done tests with FM REUSE_ALV_LIST_DISPLAY and class CL_GUI_ALV_GRID, with the same results.

Now, our question is, can we get an average as we need it?

Thanks in advance,

Jorge H. Rojas


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Hi ,

Use the below link to solve your average issues.


still your issue is not solved , Paste your code here , will try to solve it .



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Instead of adding a row with the subtotals and try to freeze it, let the ALV do the work..

It looks like you can force the sum on the fieldcat with DO_SUM, and use C instead of X to get the average.

Try looking at this:

<a class="jive_macro jive_macro_thread" href="" __jive_macro_name="thread" modifiedtitle="true" __default_attr="100965"></a>

Also, these guys seems to have changed the way the ALV calculates the totals:

<a class="jive_macro jive_macro_thread" href="" __jive_macro_name="thread" modifiedtitle="true" __default_attr="1687923"></a>



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Now, our question is, can we get an average as we need it?

Yes we can do it. Please search in SCN for ALV total modification. You will get the answer.